Business Process Improvement

Without doubt, if you don’t know where you are going then any road will take you there! Today’s industrial leaders recognize the need for improved efficiency and sustainable high levels of performance, in other words, Operational Excellence.

An Organization that is committed to identifying and understanding weaknesses in its work processes, and how to resolve and learn from them, is truly a “learning organization” and will emerge as a sustained industry leader.

In partnership with our partners, STC Global, we bring clarity to your complex business challenges, by:

  • Identifying strengths and analyzing weaknesses and inefficiencies in work processes and practices
  • Clarifying, simplifying and improving existing work processes
  • Providing high quality communication materials for organizational cascade
  • Supporting companies to become effective learning organizations

Our Health Check

  • We look at your problem objectively
  • We look for your specific strengths
  • We quickly find the gaps
  • We resolve them together

PROCYON Group, has dedicated problem solving expertise, combined with proven a Designed for Business (DFB) methodology and techniques that help organizations pursue continuous improvement, working collaboratively with Clients to achieve enhanced profitability and efficiencies.

Innovative problem solving to make a permanent fix in various subject areas:

  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Tender Management
  • Talent management
  • Operations management
  • EHS and incident investigation etc.

Our unique design and embedding skills allow you to move from ‘Complexity’ to ‘Clarity’ creating simplicity and usefulness in your business

A toolset and learning experience to get to the ROOT CAUSES of problems more quickly and efficiently.

Uses proven INVESTIGATION techniques grounded in forensic practices to generate the optimum input data.

Utilises unique COMET ROOTMAPS to identify root causes.

Our accredited Business Process Improvement Training Solutions

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  • Course Title
  • Duration

ECITB – UK Construction Industry Training Board

BPI 1 – ECITB Supervisory Toolkit

Supervisory Toolkit course provides an insight into the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective Supervisor through increased self-awareness and greater understanding of leadership fundamentals and styles.

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BPI 2 – ECITB Managing Teams and Individuals

Managing Teams and individuals course provides Line Managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead and influence teams to achieve higher performance.

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BPI 3 – ECITB Building and Managing Teams

Building and Managing Teams course introduce Supervisors to the practical tools used to lead a team including planning, appraisal, development and reporting. Tools include effective coaching and communications.

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BPI 4 – ECITB Project Planning and Decision Making

Project Planning and Decision-Making course provides knowledge and skills on how to understand key aspects of Project development and how to effectively participate in the development of project phases, including project planning, quality management, managing change, budget control etc.

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BPI 5 – Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Investigation and Root Cause Analysis course has been designed by professional investigators, with experience in leading major investigations. It provides nominated investigators with the tools and confidence to perform thorough and robust investigations to identify ‘what happened’, to understand why, and how to create recommendations that address systemic failures.

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