Environment Health & Safety

In a highly competitive and efficiency driven business climate, it is widely acknowledged that commitment to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) remains critical to a company’s success. PROCYON, and its Associates, provide targeted training and coaching to all levels of staff in order to embed a fundamental understanding of EHS essentials into individual roles, as well as the overall culture of the organization. PROCYON develop customized solutions that ensure EHS management systems are practical and effective.

At PROCYON, we believe EHS is a core value that organizations should utilize as a platform to drive overall company performance.

We don’t want to protect the environment. We want to create a world where the environment does not need protecting.

A company’s greatest asset is it’s employees.

Organizations have a “Duty of Care” to ensure that employees are not exposed to harm in the workplace.

Consultancy Support

Sustainable performance requires organizations to be alert to the changing demands and influences of world leaders, governments and society. This can be achieved by incorporating EHS indivisibly within organizational processes, combined with skilled EHS leadership and a diligent workforce.

PROCYON has significant experience in all aspects of EHS, supporting organizations to deliver a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable EHS Excellence.

Typical support activities include:

  • EHS Management System development
  • EHS Management System gap analysis
  • EHS health check and assessment
  • Safety maturity assessment modeling
  • Behavior based safety coaching
  • Environmental studies
  • Waste Management planning
  • Responsible Care® implementation

Our Environmental, Health and Safety Training Solutions

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  • Course Title
  • Duration

IOSH – UK Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

EHS 1 – Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership course provides organizational leaders with the necessary skills and behaviors to be able to champion Safety within their organizations. Leaders will gain a clear vision of the styles of leadership and effective behaviors that will provide them with the ability to positively influence their organizations and establish the Health and Safety culture and increased level of performance that they seek.

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EHS 2 – IOSH Coaching for Safety

Coaching for Safety course explains the power of collaboration, open questioning and active listening which are all key attributes of good coaching. Leaders will learn how to become effective safety coaches and be able to work with and encourage colleagues to explore problems and develop optimum solutions.

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EHS 3 – Task Based Risk Assessment

Task Based Risk Assessment course outlines an effective problem-solving methodology that not only evaluates the risks to people, but also asset loss, environment and company reputation. The emphasis of the course is to identify hazards, evaluate risk and implement effective controls.

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EHS 4 – Control of Work

Control of Work (COW) course defines how an in depth understanding of policies and procedures can be used to develop Control of Work policies. COW process provides an effective method for defining how work can be controlled and executed safely to protect people and assets.

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EHS 5 – Understanding EHS Responsibilities

In addition to their technical responsibilities, industry managers and supervisors are assigned front-line EHS accountabilities, often given without appropriate training or clear understanding of what is expected. This training offers a holistic and practical understanding of Senior Management EHS expectations, highlighting front-line EHS challenges, providing techniques to ensure delegates can add significant value to an organization’s EHS performance.

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