COMET Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

COMET is a unique methodology, training package and online solution for incident investigation, root cause analysis and prevention.   Traditional root cause analysis tends to divert effort to analysis based on less than rigorous investigation, resulting in uncoordinated or skewed preventive actions.  The COMET process is unique.  It recognises that emphasis on the ‘Discover’ phase of event investigation generates high quality input data and gives you a solid foundation for making sound decisions for future prevention.

COMET’s approach leads to real root causes being revealed and confident decisions being made about future preventive actions.

COMET is the first commercially available investigation and root cause analysis methodology to include human factors (HF) analysis.  HF analysis is available as part of COMET Root App, a secure web app which uses the COMET methodology to capture, track and measure all aspects of an incident investigation.

COMET Lite, is designed for use on low impact incidents and near misses.  It uses the COMET methodology and the same root cause taxonomy, but an investigation can be completed in a matter of hours.  This enables big data analytics of systemic and grouped causes which may not otherwise be identified by the investigation of major incidents alone.