Health & Safety

In a highly competitive and efficiency driven business climate, it is widely acknowledged that commitment to Health and Safety (H&S) remains critical to a company’s success. PROCYON provides consultancy support and targeted training in order to embed a fundamental understanding of H&S essentials, including a focus on Human Factors and Safety Culture. We develop customized solutions that ensure H&S management systems (and integrated EHS management systems) are practical and effective.

Consultancy Support

Sustainable H&S performance can be achieved by incorporating H&S indivisibly within organizational processes, combined with skilled H&S leadership and a diligent workforce. PROCYON has significant experience in all aspects of H&S, supporting organizations to embed a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable H&S Excellence.

Health and Safety support activities include:

  • H&S Management System gap analysis
  • Responsible Care® implementation
  • Integrated EHS systems development
  • Occupational Health Screening and Medical Surveillance
  • Occupational Health and Hygiene Program Development

Human Factors

“The management of safety has to include assessing human factors and taking them into account. The implications of human factors for safety must be fully realized… It is a matter of life and death”

Quote from Lord Cullen at the Annual General Meeting of the International Oil and Gas Producer’s Association– May 2017

Fundamental Pillars

Human Factors is critical to            sustaining health and safety    performance and operational        discipline. It is formulated                       from scientific research and          learning’s from major incident .investigations across several      industries. Our practical approach              to Human Factors is built on three fundamental pillars

PROCYON provides high quality strategic and technical knowledge and support for the application and implementation of                              Human Factorsin major industry sectors. Our consultancy capability includes;


  • Development of corporate engineering standards and Project Management processes to ensure compliance with positive industry practice in Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
  • HFE support to Capital Projects, including to act as Project HFE Technical Authority
  • Development or review of Human Factors content in Asset design and/or Operations Safety Cases
  • Human Factors support to the implementation of Barrier Management Systems, including Bowtie Analysis to ensure compliance with industry good practice
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems development, including conducting Fatigue Risk Assessments
  • Human Factors Specialist support to Incident Investigations and development of associated learning’s
  • Human Factors analysis of safety critical tasks
  • Human Factors aspects review of Operating Procedures

Safety Culture Development

A company’s greatest asset is it’s employees.

PROCYON provide a number of activities that support an Organisation’s safety culture development, namely:

  • Safety maturity culture assessments
  • Safety maturity assessment modeling
  • Safety Leadership Training and Coaching
  • Behavior Based Safety Coaching

Our Health and Safety Training Solutions

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