Organizational Resilience

The uncertainties caused by disruption need to be anticipated long before they happen. But how do we do this when the future is unknown?

In an increasingly connected world where supply chains are becoming longer, delivery times shorter and expectations greater, how do we develop the confidence to cope and the reassurance to recover when disruption occurs. At PROCYON we believe the answer is by becoming more resilient.

Governments and Industry Leaders are increasingly acknowledging Resilience as a critical aspect of corporate survivability.

What sequence do all incidents have in common?

Organizational Resilience (OR) is the ability of an organization to absorb disruption and quickly adapt circumstances in a fast-moving and changing environment – without being overwhelmed by the consequences.

When disruption occurs, ‘resilient’ means being able to continue to meet customer expectations, business objectives and fulfill stakeholder demands, because, what do to and how to do it, has been planned in advance.

Benefits of an integrated approach:

  • All 3 management systems are established to address ‘Credible Threats’ and ‘Resulting Consequences’
  • Enterprise Risk and BIA can be carried out simultaneously, with the same people
  • Facilitates informed Decision Making
  • Testing and exercising can be easily integrated
  • Ability for a Management Team to lead the ‘Incident Response’ then transition to ‘Business Recovery’
  • Avoids fragmentation and supports ease of compliance
  • Improves visibility, delivers efficiency and therefore commercial benefits

Why is Resilience critical to a company’s survivability?

Consultancy Support

PROCYON Group provides flexible advisory support across the resilience agenda focusing on risk, crisis and business continuity management. Our scope of consultative support includes:


  • Gap analysis of current status comparing international standards and relevant industry best practice
  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Strategic and operational level advisory support
  • Development of management systems, plans and associated processes in all aspects of Resilience
  • Development of Enterprise Risk and Business Impact Analysis through facilitation at corporate and functional levels

Our Organizational Resilience Training Solutions

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