Build your HSE culture with solid foundations

An organization’s HSE culture is as important as its actual safety measures. It permeates every aspect of HSE, and determines whether or not it is sustainable, and even effective. Without a deliberate, deep-rooted, and pan-organizational safety culture, you’re building your HSE policies and procedures without a solid foundation: without HSE culture, there is no HSE performance.

Many business leaders find HSE culture difficult to pin down – it seems more conceptual than concrete. But HSE culture can be, and should be, defined and audited.

HSE culture is made up of organizational structures such as policies and procedures, what personnel at all levels believe, and how they behave. To assess an organization’s HSE culture, we use tools and activities that help us understand this complex picture, including assessment of HSE management systems and their implementation, on-line surveys, interviews with personnel and field observations. We’re looking at how HSE fits into operations, what people believe, and what they do when it comes to HSE.

Procyon Group - Assessing and Strengthening HSE Culture

This detailed understanding is essential – it allows organizations to address any cultural shortfalls and deliver improvements in HSE performance.  Leadership is essential to achieving cultural change, so any Action Plan will almost certainly include HSE Leadership Training, in addition to the practical tasks of strengthening systems and encouraging the right behaviours.

Having recently completed such an exercise for a major industrial organization with operating sites across Saudi Arabia, Procyon Group is delighted to announce the award of a 3-year framework contract to complete HSE culture assessments and HSE leadership training for a Middle East Oil & Gas/Petrochemical company.

“This award is recognition of our ability to not only improve organizations’ HSE culture, but to also transform their overall HSE Performance.” – Reg Eayrs, Procyon Group Director

The contract will see HSE culture assessments conducted across the entire corporate and subsidiary entities, and HSE Leadership training to drive change.