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Cultivating a culture in which the safety of employees and the workplace is always a focus, from the top down it is crucial to achieving a truly safe workplace. Culture goes deeper than just sharing knowledge; it’s about creating different way of viewing and valuing safety, and without a positive HSE culture, your workplace safety is vulnerable. 

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Your company culture is not an add-on. It goes to the core of who you are, what you believe, and how things get done. Safety culture is no different, but it’s too often overlooked in favour of more measurable metrics. Building up a culture of safety will boost any future efforts to increase your HSE – it’s the foundation for safety success, made up of the value your team places on safety.

Safety culture includes safety leadership; at Procyon, our aim with every client is to help them grow into a ‘learning center’ – what we provide you with, you can build on in perpetuity. And there’s no better way to increase the possibility of sustained learning outcomes than by changing the culture to a positive one, all the way through the hierarchy of an organization.


Creating and successfully embedding a safety culture and leadership takes commitment, consistency, and motivation. Our specialist consultancy partners work with you to develop a high-performing and enduring safety culture that places real value on safety, and changes the way you work.

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