Do your leaders understand why Health and Safety is important?

Health and Safety, when done right, is an integral part of every level of your organization, from bottom to top. It can’t be side-lined by leaders. It shouldn’t be delegated down. Leaders influence safety culture, whether intentionally or not; and that influence can be positive or negative.

When leaders ignore Health and Safety – or are ignorant of it – the result is a shaky, inconsistent, and ultimately vulnerable safety culture. Purposeful, planned, and well-thought-out Safety Leadership creates a sustainable, stable, and stronger culture that’s both preventive and productive; a safer workplace, not just now but as your business changes and grows.

In the context of H&S, being a good leader means understanding why H&S matters, how their own behaviors impact H&S, and being proactively engaged in managing H&S. The best Safety Leaders are also able to lead their team members to H&S excellence.

The key step in becoming a better leader is understanding why Health & Safety is important; increasing your awareness of the risks associated with your work environment, so that you can recognize them when they arise.

Procyon designed the Safety Leadership training course to help leaders influence their organizations’ health and safety culture positively, by building a strong safety culture. It inspires leaders to take ownership for the actions that protect people, to minimize loss and maximize efficiency.

Our course provides the leader with the insights, skills, and behaviors to champion safety, and enable them to recognize their incredible power to influence the direction of their organization. It helps define what they want their company’s health and safety culture to look like – giving them a clear vision of the type of culture they want to nurture.

The training takes place over two days, with an optional third day for those who need more time to practice what they have learned, in order to ensure it is embedded into everyday workflow and becomes part of the fabric of how they operate as leaders.

We know that your organization is unique, and we can create custom training solutions that meet your needs. Give us a call today to discuss how our team can deliver the right training for your organization.