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HSE Transformation

How capable of continuous improvement is your business?


Before you can future-proof your business, you need to be able to look at your company’s performance, understand how well you’re doing, and identify where you need to improve. What’s your baseline, what’s best practice, what standards are you setting – and how far away are you from where you need to be?

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You need to identify gaps. You need to prioritize to get those quick wins. You’re looking for sustainable outcomes, and in the end, you need to develop strategy and a practical, relevant Action Plan. We all know that our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) help us to understand our performance. But even goal-driven metrics can be hard to apply to qualitative data. That’s where Procyon’s proprietary maturity model, INSIGHT, comes in.

INSIGHT is a unique and comprehensive maturity model, developed in-house and drawing upon 100+ years of Procyon global industry experience, that can be used by any commercial sector, at any stage of the business lifecycle.

So how does it work? We start with a collaborative process of interviews, assessments, and management systems reviews, incorporating the data we gather, INSIGHT is then able to assess operational performance against international standards and best practice. From there, we can establish a maturity baseline and clear targets for your future performance.

We developed a robust HSE strategy that works for your business, and a detailed Action Plan to get you there. INSIGHT is fully transparent, auditable, scalable, and traceable; it’s the most efficient way to get you the insights you need to build your business sustainably.

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Our scope

INSIGHT has extraordinary breadth of scope, being applicable to the full range of topics considered under Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

Procyon Group Insight HSE Transformation

HSE Management Systems

Personal Safety

Process Safety Management

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Occupational Health

Industrial Hygiene



Insight in action

Case Study

Our Client

Let’s take a look at a case study – a recent client of Procyon from the Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East.

Procyon Group Dubai Oil and Gas Consultancy and training

Like many clients who approach Procyon, they wanted to improve Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability processes and performance, however their focus was managing day to day activities, they had no strategy or plan to achieve their goal.

Case Study

The Brief

Our client wanted a practical and clear strategic HSE&S plan for both corporate and site operations. The initial phase of our involvement was defined by proactive and constructive collaboration, and we sketched out the methodology criteria for the plan, so that it would:

Procyon Group UAE Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability processes
Procyon Group Insight HSE&S Transformation

The Work

Strategy Development

Procyon’s HSE&S Maturity Model, Insight, provided a laser focus on current maturity and allowed us to identify five-year targets. With those in place, we conducted 11 workshops with the client’s team members, to develop a strategy to transition from current to target maturity.

The Work

Outcomes & Next Steps

Next, we presented our findings to the Executive Team and Site Management, explaining in details our input on the implementation of the seven Topic-Based projects.

Procyon Group UAE Insight HSE&S Transformation

The Work

Taking Action

Where do we start? We prioritized with the immediate focus on safety-related topics: Management Systems, Process Safety Management, and Personal Safety. We also needed to ensure legal compliance traceability in all the topics; to put in place a plan to achieve minimum Environmental and Sustainability performance and adopt a continuous improvement approach; and to ensure effective workplace Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene programs were established and sustained.

Procyon Group Dubai Safety

We can zoom in here on one of our safety topics, Management Systems. Our Insight model provided the evidence we need of key areas where we can help our client improve:


We provided our client with key findings for each of the topics we analyzed – but when HSE&S isn’t your main focus, you need a clear plan of action to guide you through to achieving excellence. We collectively created a plan that addressed our client’s specific gaps, prioritised according to importance, and guaranteed them quick wins and sustainable outcomes.

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The Work

What We Achieved

Working with our client to find out their current capabilities and gaps, and using our Insight maturity model to establish baselines and targets, we provided a robust, transparent, and practical plan for action. The client now has a comprehensive view of where they are, required resources, and how to achieve their goals.