Procyon Group brings Process and Operational Safety to Pakistan

We are proud to announce that our team in Pakistan has completed the Safety Perception Survey and Baseline Process Safety Assessment for Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL) in Karachi.

FFBL is a major player in the manufacturing and distribution of chemical fertilizers for the farmers and agriculture sector of Pakistan. Following FFBL’s desire to enhance the efficiency of their current safety management system by incorporating process safety management elements, Procyon Group has embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of where the company stands, both from an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), and Process Safety perspective. 

Procyon Group brings Process and Operational Safety to Pakistan
Group picture: FFBL MD Mr. Arif Ur Rehman with Project Team

Our team conducted a comprehensive Safety Perception Survey PSP covering 80% of the manpower to identify the existing safety culture within FFBL and identify areas where improvements could be made. This was followed by a detailed site visit and interviews, to evaluate FFBL’s current HSE practices with a focus on process safety management systems.

FFBL is the only manufacturer of DAP and Granular Urea in Pakistan, and Its fertilizer manufacturing complex is located at Port Qasim Karachi.

Great work team and thank you to everyone at FFBL for the cooperation! And for those looking at getting a true picture of safety culture; how to identify gaps, strengths and areas for improvement to establish a baseline for safety enhancement feel free to contact us at anytime.