Product & Solutions

PROCYON provides optimum training and consultancy solutions that support organizations achieve operational excellence”. We specialize in PEOPLE development, bringing clarity and simplicity to PROCESSES and enhancing organizational PERFORMANCE.

COMET Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

COMET is a unique methodology, training package and online solution for incident investigation, root cause analysis and prevention. Traditional root cause analysis tends to divert effort to analysis based on less than rigorous investigation, resulting in uncoordinated or skewed preventive actions. The COMET process is unique. It recognises that emphasis on the ‘Discover’ phase of event investigation generates high quality input data and gives you a solid foundation for making sound decisions for future prevention.

INSIGHT HSE&S Maturity Model

INSIGHT is a proprietary Maturity Model which we have developed and applied to a number of organizations in the O&G and petrochemical sector.  What is new about INSIGHT is its breadth of scope, being applicable to the full range of topics considered under Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability.

Sustainability and Environment

Organizations achieve significant triple bottom line benefits through effective management of Sustainability and the Environment. Procyon believe that proactive sustainability and protecting the environment is crucial for our health and wellbeing, now and in the future, and based on a number of emerging trends, it is now a pre-requisite to business success. 

    Health and Safety (incorporating human factors)

    Health and Safety(H&S) is an essential pillar of overall Company performance and a societal expectation. PROCYON provide consultation, training and coaching to help organizations understand the H&S expectations of specific roles. PROCYON specialize in Human Factors (HF), including Safety Culture, which builds on scientific research and learning from numerous major incident investigations, providing a body of knowledge, techniques and practical approaches that are effective, both in reducing risk of ‘human error’, and maximizing human performance.

    Organizational Resilience

    OR is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions. PROCYON promotes the integration of Enterprise Risk, Crisis Management and Business Continuity into a single process stream that focuses on proactive and effective preparedness, as well as an efficient response to unplanned and undesirable events.

    Business Process improvement

    PROCYON understands the risks associated with complacency and stagnation and recognizes the benefits that are realized when companies become learning organizations. We provide effective solutions that assist companies to better understand areas of weakness learn from events and implement sustainable improvements and efficiencies in work processes and that offer significant organizational performance improvements.

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