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OR 3 – Business Impact Analysis and Threat Assessment

Course Overview

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is the foundation on which all business continuity planning is built. The process assesses an organization in terms of what its objectives are, how it functions and the constraints of the environment in which it operates. It also qualifies and quantifies the impacts over time of disruption and uses this information to determine how best to prepare an organization for managing disruption. Evaluating threats uses risk assessment techniques to identify unacceptable concentrations of risk and single points of failure. Action can then be taken to lower both the likelihood and impact of disruption. 

This BIA and threat assessment course takes a detailed look at the Analysis stage of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle. It provides the delegates with a deep knowledge and understanding of this key skill. The course is delivered in three modules, exploring the concept of Business Impact Analysis as well as its practical application by using a case studies.  

This course is based on the Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from BS EN ISO 22301:2014, BS EN ISO 22313:2014 and PD ISO/TS 22317:2015.

Who Should Attend

BC Managers / Champions, Risk Managers / Champions Department Managers, HSE Professionals, Technical Safety Specialists, Crisis Managers

Learning Outcomes


Face-to-face, classroom based with group discussions and team exercises.




2 days


12 to 24