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OR 1 – Introduction to Organizational Resilience

Course Overview

In an increasingly connected world where supply chains grow longer, delivery times quicker and stakeholder expectations higher, how do organizations develop the self-confidence to cope and the reassurance to recover when disruption occurs? If the answer is by becoming more resilient then how do organizations achieve this?  

This ground-breaking and thought-provoking course examines what it means to be organizationally resilient, explains why it is necessary and how it is accomplished. By participating in interactive group discussions, delegates explore the concepts, attributes and principles of resilient organizations. The course highlights the key components required of a resilient organization and looks at strategy, objectives and culture. Most organizations have many of the elements in place but these are seldom optimized for best effect.  

Developing effective resilience capabilities requires a collaborative approach between established management disciplines. Risk, crisis and business continuity management practices provide much of the framework on which resilience capabilities are developed and sustained, are examined and discussed. 

This course reflects on international guidance on organizational resilience – ISO 22316:207 – and invites delegates to engage in debate, discussion and decisions about what makes this compelling discipline so important. 

Who Should Attend

Leaders, BC Champions, BC Managers, Risk Managers, Crisis Managers, Operations / Maintenance Managers, HSE and Technical Safety Professional.

Learning Outcomes


Face-to-face, classroom based with group discussions and team exercises.




1 day


12 to 24