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OR 2 – Designing Resilient Management Systems

Course Overview

This course covers the essential stages of how to create resilient solutions, which achieve your recovery objectives and commit these ideas and options into a documented set of plans. The course explains how you agree and determine your priorities via recovery timelines (e.g. Recovery Time Objectives). This stage prepares you for writing your plans.  

The term “Plan” implies a single document but plans can exist in any level of responsibility within an organization and at any level of detail. They can cover a complete organization, or part of it, at any location and can be structured along product or service lines, departments or individual teams. How do you decide the optimum solution for your organization? On this course delegates will learn how to decide and will learn and apply what works best.  

The course considers your options for resilience (e.g. for people, premises, resources and suppliers); what type of response structures work and are effective, what style of plans work best and the factors to consider in writing them. It also takes a close look at effective incident response structures based on various three-tier management models such as the Incident Command System (ICS).

Who Should Attend

BC Managers / Champions, Risk Managers / Champions Department Managers, HSE Professionals, Technical Safety Specialists, Crisis Managers.

Learning Outcomes


Face-to-face, classroom based with group discussions and team exercises.




2 days


12 to 24