Training – Business Process Improvement

BPI 5 – Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Course Overview

Most organisations effectively respond to unplanned events. It is when the focus changes from response to investigation that companies need support. Competing demands often challenge their ability to perform a thorough investigation, establish root causes and identify improvements that prevent repeated failures.

This course has been designed by professional investigators, with extensive law enforcement backgrounds and experience in leading major investigations. It is designed to provide nominated investigators with the tools and confidence to perform a thorough and robust investigation to identify ‘what happened’, to understand why, in addition to the ability to create recommendations that address systemic failures.

This course is the ideal ‘one stop shop’ for incident investigation and root cause analysis in the arena of Safety, Equipment Failure, Environmental and Quality issues.

Who Should Attend

Operations / Maintenance Managers, Reliability Engineers, HSE, Technical and Safety Specialists, Incident Investigators

Learning Outcomes

  • Building of the incident timeline and data capture known as the SID-Grid
  • Management of the immediate incident scene in terms of safety, evidence capture and recording of same
  • Investigation of equipment or process failures that contributed to the incident or its consequences
  • Examining the personnel profiles of those involved in the planning or performance of the task that led to the incident
  • Understand the significance of accurate recording and review of incident documentation
  • Planning and performance of effective investigative witness interviews
  • Performance of Barrier Analysis to established the safeguards that failed or were missing which contributed to the incident or made matters worse.
  • Identification of `COMET` factors. necessary to lead to root causes
  • The identification of root causes through the COMET Root Maps
  • The identification of treatable preventive actions essential to prevent future repeat failures.


10 to 16


Classroom based with group exercises linked to realistic industry incident scenarios




2 days