Training – Environment, Health & Safety

EHS 1 – Safety Leadership

Course Overview

Course provides Leaders necessary shills and behaviors to champion safety, enabling them to recognize their incredible power to influence the direction of their organization. Leaders will gain a clear vision of the type of health and safety culture they want to mature.

The training explores styles of leadership and the effective leadership behaviors that will develop an organization that cares and protects people and minimizes loss.

Who Should Attend

Department Managers / Supervision

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to define health and safety leadership;
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management;
  • Compare and contrast the safety leadership of two historical industrial leaders;
  • Understand transactional analysis and its practical application
  • Recognize and understand the power of choice;
  • Explore Leadership styles; Directive, Trainer, Mentor and Coach;
  • Understand safety culture and explore how to develop a proactive and generative culture;
  • Discuss principle centered HSE leadership;
  • Understand the language of Risk and making risk based decisions;
  • Understand the need to focus on both occupational safety and process safety;
  • Develop competencies to conduct authentic risk conversations throughout the organization;
  • Know the essential elements of an effective Health and Safety Management System;
  • Develop personal and organizational action plans to improve safety within their organization.


12 to 20


Classroom based with facilitated interactive group exercises, discussion and role play




3 days