Training – Environment, Health & Safety

EHS 2 – IOSH Coaching for Safety

Course Overview

The UK Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) approve the training.

It utilizes the power of collaboration, open questions, and active listening to facilitate leaders to be become effective safety coaches.

Once the preserve of executives and senior managers, coaching is fast becoming a standard feature of corporate life and the ability to coach is increasingly deemed to be an essential leadership skill.

Successful safety leadership requires more than technical capability alone. Encouraging colleagues explore problems (known / unknown) and identify the optimum solutions requires curiosity, skillful questioning and advanced, active listening skills – all attributes of a great coach.

Who Should Attend

Department Managers / Supervision

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of a HSE advisor (what they do);
  • Identify the attributes of a successful HSE advisor;
  • Understand the power of coaching;
  • Identify the attributes of a good coach;
  • Explore curiosity and the use of open and closed questions;
  • Learn how to focus on key issues;
  • Use Active Listening including practical application exercise;
  • Understand the GROW Model and practical application in coaching skills.


10 to 16


This is a unique, highly-participative program based on several live coaching skills sessions all involving real-life issues and problems the delegates bring themselves




2 days