Training – Environment, Health & Safety

EHS 3 – Task Based Risk Assessment

Course Overview

A highly effective problem-solving tool for line management that evaluates risks to people and business.

Risk assessment not only evaluates the risks to people, but also asset loss, environment and company reputation. It is the cornerstone of any safety management system. The major emphasis is to identify hazards, evaluate risk and implement effective controls.

Syndicate exercises and set tasks form a significant part of this course. Exercises can be tailored to company-specific work environment and activities. Delegates will be provided with sufficient knowledge of the principles and procedures to enable them to carry out effective risk assessments in the work place, thereby ensuring effective control.

Who Should Attend

Facility Based Line Management, HSE Professionals, those with responsibility for work execution

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the moral and business benefits of effective and practical risk assessments;
  • Outline the legal requirements for assessment of risk at work;
  • Identify hazards in the workplace;
  • Evaluate levels of risk;
  • Identify appropriate control measures based on the hierarchy of control;
  • Implement management action plans arising from the assessment process;
  • Understand how risk assessments link to Incident Investigation and Behavioral Safety.


10 to 16


Classroom based with facilitated interactive group exercises, discussion and role play




2 days