Training – Environment, Health & Safety

EHS 4 – Control of Work

Course Overview

Understanding the policies and procedures to ensure all work is conducted safely through the application of effective Control of Work (COW) policies, combined with the critical steps is essential to ensure work execution causes no harm to people and minimizes impact on the environment.

Control of Work is about how we execute work safely in all of our operations irrespective of location. Risk assessment is the main focus within Control of Work, where all delegates will gain a true understanding of the company risk assessment process. The delegates will learn how risk assessment, along with the ‘permit to work’, makes up the two key parts of the COW system, hence, how work is controlled.

All key roles and responsibilities within the Company will be identified and examined. Delegates will learn about the importance of their own contribution to manage work, and will be given the opportunity to put learning’s into practice through practical examples.

Training will be tailored to an Organizations specific COW system.

Who Should Attend

Facility Based Line Management, HSE Professionals, those with responsibility for work execution

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about ISSOW and its importance for controlling work;
  • Gain a detailed understanding of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment:
    • What is a hazard and identify industry hazards
    • What is risk
    • Risk assessment terminology
    • Risk assessment matrix explained
    • What is a Level 1 risk assessment
    • What is a Level 2 risk assessment
  • Learn about Work Control Certificates (WCC’s);
  • Learn COW role and responsibilities;
  • Learn about communication tools and how to improve their own communication;
  • Learn about their own individual contribution to work control.


10 to 16


Classroom based with facilitated interactive group exercises, discussion and role play




2 days