Training – Human Factors

HF 13 – Authentic Risk Conversations

Course Overview

Safety performance has improved significantly in recent years because of improved engineering, procedures and systems. But people are still being harmed and seriously injured at work and companies continue to feel the impact from these incidents. To ensure no one gets hurt, Leadership require a higher level of safety engagement from their employees.

Authentic Risk Conversations is a communication skill for line managers at all levels within an organization. The technique involves the use of open questions that creates both increased awareness and responsibility for health safety. ‘At risk behaviors’ are made safe and good safety practices are reinforced.

Authentic Risk Conversations provides leadership with the skills to promote and demonstrate safe behaviors thereby supporting the protection of people from harm.

Who Should Attend

Line Managers and HSE Professionals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of human factors, and its contribution to a proactive safety culture;
  • Recognize how leadership attitude and behavior influence the attitudes and behaviors of others;
  • Understand and recognize effective discussion techniques that will promote positive change;
  • Know how to use the GROW model in relation to health and safety Goals-Reality-Options-Will to commit;
  • Identify and address unsafe behavior and attitudes in a positive manner that leads to action, reinforcing safety awareness and personal responsibility;
  • Effectively commend positive safety practices;
  • Understand how Authentic Risk Conversations links to Incident Investigation and Task Based Risk Assessment;
  • Learn lessons from Longford and Texas City Incidents in relation to behaviors for both Personal safety and Process Safety.


10 to 16


Classroom based with group exercises


Awareness of good practice in Safety Leadership and Safety Culture


2 Days