Training – Human Factors

HF 5 – Human Factors Engineering (HFE) in Capital Projects Level 2 (Focal Point)

Course Overview

‘Human error’ often occurs because of badly designed equipment interfaces or poorly laid out work environments. Common examples include;

  • Critical equipment that is difficult to access for operation, maintenance or inspection
  • Lack of space to work safely and reliably or to lay-down tools and equipment
  • Instrument and control panels that are confusing or difficult to understand
  • Equipment that is poorly or ambiguously labeled
  • Graphical DCS displays that are confusing or involve difficult or complex interactions
  • Alarm systems that overwhelm operators with unnecessary detail

This training aims to ensure work systems and working environment are designed and laid out in a way that allows operators to work safely, efficiently and reliably.

Who Should Attend

Individuals designated as or to become HFE focal points for capital projects. Typically, HSE professionals, Operations Personnel and Design Engineers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of HFE in design;
  • Detailed understanding of relevant international standards and best practices;
  • Capable of acting as Company HFE focal point to initiate and organize HFE on capital projects;
  • Capable of conducting HFE screening for large / small projects and developing and implementing a project HFE strategy;
  • Capable of representing HFE in design reviews;
  • Capable of leading HFE design analysis.


10 to 16


Classroom based. Intensive 2 days instruction


Completed Level 1 plus 5 years related industrial experience.


2 days