Training – Human Factors

HF 8 – Human Factors in Achieving “Zero”

Course Overview

Organizations involved in hazardous activities commonly declare a ‘Target Zero’, or similar, goal in terms of harm resulting from incidents. Understanding and managing Human Factors is increasingly recognized as the key to achieving this challenging objective.

To publically set a goal of “Zero” Organizations Leaders need to have confidence that they are managing all of the human and organizational factors that can lead to incidents.

When incidents occur, it suggests that, either, leaders expectations leaders were not realistic, or that the barriers and controls, were not effective. An incident is an opportunity to learn, to strengthen management systems and to make a further step towards actually achieving “Zero”.

This training explores the role of human and organizational factors in achieving incident-free operations – in reaching ‘Zero’. It examines in depth the role that human factors can play in incidents; exploring the leadership expectations of how the people in their organization will behave and perform to achieve ‘Zero’. The training demonstrates some best-practice tools that can be used to carry out a detailed assessment of human and organizational factors, including hands-on application experience.

Who Should Attend

HSE and Process Safety Leaders, / Senior Specialists, Operational / Maintenance Leaders & Incident Investigators.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of being clear about organizational expectations of human behavior and performance;
  • Understand the importance of Local Rationality: of seeing an incident through the eyes of those involved;
  • Awareness of best-practice techniques for investigating Human and Organizational Factors in incident investigations;
  • Able to use the concepts of barrier thinking as an aid to investigations and learning.


10 to 16


Classroom-based. Attendees are invited to contribute examples of incidents for discussion and analysis during the training


Leadership experience


2 days