Training – Organizational Resilience

OR 7 – Designing and delivering effective Training and Exercises

Course Overview

Designing and delivering effective exercises is a skill to be mastered for any organization. It is a key part of the Validation stage of the resilience lifecycle and for many people it is the most interesting part of the discipline.

In preparing for disruption, exercising is essential to become proficient in what to do, when and with what resources. It is a confidence builder enabling your organization to respond effectively, prioritize efficiently, recover quickly and improve business process and practice following disruption. Exercises are the best way to test our systems, rehearse our people and exercise our plans – a chance to prepare our people safely in a secure learning environment.

This course provides the continuity and resilience professional with the knowledge of how to design, develop and deliver exercises and an exercise program that works. This course is based on the good practice guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from BS EN ISO 22301:2014 and BS ISO 22398:2013.

Who Should Attend

BC Champions, BC Manager, Heads of Departments, functions etc., Operations / Maintenance Managers, Reliability Engineers, HSE, Technical and Safety Specialists, Incident Investigators

Learning Outcomes

  • Selecting appropriate exercise aims, objectives and formats
  • Developing realistic and engaging scenarios
  • Understanding how to resource and coordinate delivery
  • Carrying out post exercise evaluations and report lessons learned


12 to 24


Face-to-face, classroom based with group discussions and team exercises




1 Day